Alia on her Own

Story by: Katinka McTurk

Mon, 13 June 11

Today was the first time mum left you on your own at Playcentre. You said goodbye to mum and came to play on the swing with Heleyna and me. First, you didn’t say much and you would say “yes” when I asked you if you wanted another push. You giggled when I tickled you. After a while Heleyna wanted to go to the slide, so we all went to the slide. You decided to climb up the log steps to reach the top. With a little bit of help to balance you managed to reach the top and slide down the slide. Heleyna was climbing up to the top through the grasses along side the slide, so you decided to do the same. Together you took turns sliding down and climbing back up.

First, you slide down sitting, then both of you and Heleyna decided to get adventorous and slid down on your tummies and sides. One time when you reached the bottom you told me that ” Mum had gone to the office”. i didn’t realiseyou had such a good English. Later, Mum told me that you speak both Indonesian and English at home, so you already know two languages.

After a while I suggested we have some morning tea, so we went inside. After morning tea, we did some puzzle with Teoni and then you went outside to join Els in “The Hut”.

What a big girl you are staying at Playcentre all on your own! I hope that you had fun today…

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